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Well here's where we thank everyone. I'm sure this list will grow in the future
because right now i'm so busy making everything else, that I'm not sure what to add,
but i'll try my best.
The cast of Trash TV would like to thank the following:
*Pat Garney, George Buell, JR Brown, and Matt Giardina. Without them, Trash TV would never exist. In fact, the only reason why Trash TV actually has episodes is because of the final minutes when we're rushing to get the editing done :)
*Matt Giardina (yes me) for making this page possible. Sure it's hard for me to
do since I have no spare time, but it's worth it!

*Anyone who has helped us since the beginning. (you know who you are) We've had many people give us a hand when we really needed it and we thank you.

*All the people we've stolen ideas from----oh wait wrong person.

*People who have linked to our page and spread the word about Trash TV.

*Kim Romach for helping us reach the 1000 mark on our counter! Yeah!

*Blackout for his awesome web page that still has me laughing my arse off.