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Okay i just decided to get off my lazy ass and make a
link page for all you boys and girls. Hope ya like it.
Scorpion and Sire's Sick and Twisted Archive
This is one of my other pages that isn't recommended for the faint of heart. Last summer I was
bored, so i got a bunch of grotesque pictures and made an archive out of it. For the best effect,
eat something as you're viewing it. Especially pizza!
SassaJean's Webpage
What do you get when you combine Melissa Saner and her friends, family, and interests?
(drumroll.....CHING) It's SassaJean's webpage! Melissa is one of the coolest people i know
and she deserves to be added to the list. Even Buddha agrees! So check out her page and keep her counter rolling!
The Itching Butt Herpes Page
The Itching what?? Yeah, it's the Itching Butt Herpes man! Okay this is a result of giving
Matt a guitar, George a bass, Pat a drum set, and JR a microphone. We've been around for about a
year now and will keep going, just to piss you off. We're fun to bring to mom!
SpAwN's Homepage
This is our friend Jay's webpage. He's got something goin quite well so far. Still under
construction, but it's looking sweet. Complete with rendered objects, and Java, this page
is very promising. Plus if you're thinking of going to RIT, check out Jay's thoughts
of the school...
The WBER Homepage
Yeah it's Rochester's Real Modern Rock station. 90.5 FM WBER. And it has RealAudio so you
can hear it anywhere! Screw the Nerve and all that other FM bullshit, this station rules cause they'd
even give morons like us a show. (and they will! muahahah!). Check them out cause they're
coooooool. And now in stereo.
The Bruce Campbell Homepage
Are you a Bruce Campbell fan? Can you not go a day without seeing the Evil Dead Trilogy?
Well then, check this place out. It's official and Bruce runs a lot of it. You can even request an
autographed picture which comes in about a month and a half. Mine's just peachy.
Do you love music and images and want to get them with the click of a button? Well this site just rules.
They have almost every kind of media format including .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .avi, .mov, .wav, .mp3, etc. use their
advanced search to find exactly what you want! Check them out today.
More links will be added in the near future.