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What is Trash TV?
     Trash TV is a cable access show on WCATV Cable channel 12 in Webster, New York. It was thought of by a few High School Seniors and their friends. The cast includes Pat Garney, George Buell, Matt Giardina, J.R. Brown,  and a few others who've  helped out.
     Most of us started out on a show in our sophomore year called Between Classes. It was made by our friend Matt Holota, and was the first time any of us had ever been on tv. Between Classes went on for about a year, but finally ended. Pat Garney, George Buell, and Matt Giardina wanted to make their own show, and thus Trash TV was born.
    The show consists of "sketches" which are pretty funny. Here is a list of stuff we've done so far:
      2 "Rieses Peanut Butter cups" commercials.[The first one was with Suzy the balemic (Played by our friend Nik Livadas) who comes on camera and states "I like to eat my Riese's real fast! She then vomits up the Riese's and giggles. The second was with Matt dressing up as the devil. (didn't take much!) It was How The Prince of Darkness eats a Riese's Peanut Butter cup. Matt is sitting at an altar with skulls and candles all around. He says "I like my Riese's REAL crispy!" while a flame from his finger tip catches the Riese's cup on fire.
   "Hebrew- the Jewish Beer" was a commercial we did with Matt dressed up as a Rabbi, and Pat dressed up as The Macho Man. It was kind of a parody of the slim jim commercials. It had Matt sitting in a rocking chair watching Fiddler on the Roof while and explosion is heard and Pat jumps onto camera. He's dressed like the Macho man and remarks "Need some excitement? Slam into a Hebrew! Ooooh Yeah! Voice over- "Hebrew, the Jewish Beer!"
     Among our other commercials (wow..I never realized exactly how many we had) we also have "Pope on a rope" Which is a little soap carving of the pope done by Matt. George is in the shower cleaning himself (you can only see a shadow thank god!) when a voice over says "Even the worst of sinners wants to smell like a saint, so the next time you reek of an unholy stench, wash those sins away with Pope on a Rope --It's the papal selection for cleanly perfection!" Then George pokes his head out and smiles while holding out the soap.
     "Hamster, it's what's for dinner" was our final commercial...thank god, I hate breaks. It showed Matt, Allison, Brendon (who's Pat's younger brother) and George sitting at a table eating food. Classical music is playing in the background and Allison is serving dinner. Matt opens the pot and takes out a hamster, then passes it to Brendon. He takes the Hamster and puts it into a tortilla shell, attempting to eat it, but the hamster tries to run away. He then catches it, puts it back into the shell, then smooshes it. (it was a good editing job plus a packet of ketchup....I can't remember exactly how many people thought we seriously did that to the hamster.) Finally, the family all holds up their tortilla's and the voice over, "Hamster, it's what's for dinner" kicks in.
     We also did a "COPS" skit which was almost 15 minutes long. It started out when we were all bored and didn't know what we'd film, so we finally decided to do improv :) There's so much that went on in this, so i'll just sum it up. It's about Officer's John Wilkes (played by George) and Mark Warkner (played by Matt) and looks almost identical to a real episode of COPS. Some of the things that they find on their "patrol" are drug dealers, citizens, donuts, drunks, streakers (hahah Pat actually put on flesh colored spandex and ran around outside ---it looked GREAT!) and Spunky the bum. After we made this, we decided that we'd better take out the word "Webster" because we didn't want anyone screaming at us about the skit. I had a LOT of fun doing that....I think it took almost 2 hours of audio edits, but you can hardly notice. This skit was alot of fun.
     The "Human Bait & Shoot Program" was done to mock out the Deer Bait & Shoot program we have out here. It starts out with a voice over "Are you sick and tired of those stupid hunters hunting in your back yard?" It then shows Pat and Brendan nodding. The voice continues "Well then, start your own Bait & Shoot program. All's you need is some bait, and some guns...GREAT!" Pat and Bren set up a fake deer next to a turkey and hide in some bushes. George who is dressed up as a dumb looking hunter, fires at the deer with no success. He walks over to the deer and notices it's fake, then knocks it away. When he runs for the turkey, Pat and Bren shoot him. It ends with George fastened to the hood of a car with Pat and Bren driving away.
     "Baptizin' America" was done with Pat and J.R.. It's about 2 preachers walking around trying to spread "the good word of the lord". Pat is dressed up like a 17th century sailor with Oakley sunglasses and J.R. is dressed up in the most ugliest suit with a 4-foot afro.(it's a wig thank god) Basically, they just go around preaching. The best part of this (which we couldn't get on film) was before we started filming, J.R. and I (Matt) were standing in front of Pat's house waving at cars. I was dressed up as a Rabbi and he had on his preacher costume. This cop car comes down the street and looks at us, then turns on his siren and honks at us. It was cool :)
     Well this wasn't really a skit because it was on a live part of the show but it was the Matchmaker 2000. This was our Valentines Day episode so we had a "computer" that would come up with a match for you if you answered 3 questions. We had our viewers call in (like every show) and they answered our questions, then I'd bring up a picture of their match. It was hilarious at their reaction when they got either a Sumor Wrestler, Swamp thing, Sloth from the Goonies, Monsters from Star Wars, and other weird things. It was our best live part yet.

Well so far that's about all we've done so far. As we have more shows, i'll write up more things.